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Monetizing Your Facebook Group

I run many Facebook Groups myself, so I understand the many hours that go into monitoring your groups from spam, the never-ending lineup of fake users, and resolving disputes that make you want to bang your head against the wall. 


Let's face it, your not in it for the money. You may be running a group as a hobby or even just a lead generator for your business.

SnowBird Groups would like to sell ads on your group banner and business posts in your group on a 50/50 split. We do all the selling and you just keep doing what you do.


You deserve to make a couple of bucks for all the work you do.

How It Works

  1. First, we start by reviewing your groups If they're a good fit with our company objectives, we'll reach out by email. 

  2. Once approved, you will then add us as admins so we have access to all your group insights Don't Panic! You never lose control of your group, It is impossible for us to delete you as the main Admin

  3. We then may make some small changes such as banner and rules

  4. Once your groups are ready we will add them to our directory.

  5. You will continue to run your group as you normally do, with some strategic changes.

  6. When we get a paid request to post in your group, we will post the ad.

  7. Now you get paid immediately threw PayPal

Your revenue comes from:

  • Business posts

  • Monthly on banners ads sold


How many group members do you need in a group to participate?

There is threshold of member set yet, in-fact we find we sell more ads in small niche groups then large Buy and Sell groups

Does this go against Facebook community guidelines?

No, in-fact Facebook has started other small group projects to help admins make money with social group.

Will SnowBird advertise in my Group?

Yes, besides paid ads, we will from time to time post relevant links, announcements or information to our membird perks page, where your group members can get amazing deals we find for them.

How much will I make?

You will make 50% of everything I sell on you group

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