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As of May 2, 2021 

Here at SnowBird Groups, we pride our selves in keeping our groups clean of spam, scams and as professional as possible. Because of this, Our groups create a massive platform for local businesses & entrepreneurs to advertise and reach to our members. We have also kept the prices very low and affordable that even so the small starts ups can post.

Listen, we aren't out here trying to gauge people out of there hard earned money. Our Admins and Moderators spend countless hours building and tending to these groups everyday. We think it's only fair that if your making money from an ad posted in a group that someone else built, it's only fair to share the wealth. 

Advertising in Our Groups

To Advertise in any of our groups, You must first join the groups using a Facebook Page, (No Personal Accounts). Choose the package you would like to advertise to, and submit a request. We will review your page and contact you with any further question. 

News, Politics & Sports $ 10/mo

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