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Tom Putman R.I.B.(ONT)
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Motorcycle Insurance
Ontario, Canada

Bundle & Save

Save Big, when you bundle your Motorcycle with your Home and Auto insurance with one company, you could potentially save hundreds of dollars a year.

You may qualify for these discounts* on your Motorcycle Insurance:

  • Experienced rider (5 plus years)

  • Riders Safety Course

  • Under 1000cc

  • Claims & Conviction Free

  • Multi-Line Discounts

  • Over 30 years old 

We make getting an accurate quote easy! Simply give us a call and have your driver's license ready and will have you riding in no time.

We only make Money

If we save you Money! 

We Save Our Clients
Time & Money


Before buying your first Motorcycle 

The biggest shock to new riders in Ontario is the price of Motorcycle insurance. Many new riders purchase their first bike before checking the cost of Insurance first and come to realize they can't afford it. Always check with us first before your first purchase for expert advice.

The Ontario Insurance market wants to see new riders getting experience riding bikes that are not geared for speed. Many companies will not even insure sport or naked sports bikes as the likelihood of a claim is high and the likelihood of bodily injury is even higher.  

Our suggestion to new riders is to stick to a Touring or Cruiser with less than 1000cc, If possible find a bike that is low cost and is over 10 years old to avoid having to pay for collision and comprehensive for the first couple years. With a clean record and a couple of years of experience, you will soon be shopping for the bike of your dreams.

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