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Tom Putman R.I.B.(ONT)
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Renters (Tenant) Insurance
Ontario, Canada

Do you need Tenants Insurance?

The biggest Myth for many renters is that they believe that their Landlord's insurance policy will cover their belongings in case of fire or flood.


Truth is, The Landlords policy only covers the Landlord, not the tenant or their belongings. 


Why you need tenant insurance

Your tenant insurance policy will cover you against unintentional bodily injury to others, accidental damage to property not owned by you (Liability), and protection for your personal property. 

Deciding how much coverage is required to cover your personal property can be a challenge.

You should first take into consideration how much it would cost you to replace your electronics, clothing, furniture, tools, linen, kitchenware, major appliances, small appliance, jewelry, musical instruments, and all those unused unopen Christmas gifts you have stored in your closet.


I'm here to help you get the best coverage you need,


Nothing more, Nothing less!

We Save Our Clients
Time & Money

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